When Do You Need To Consult When Back Pain?

You need to consult a doctor or chiropractor singapore when you experience various symptoms that refer to pain in the back or spine. It is best to consult with a doctor if the pain does not subside in a few days or weeks even after taking the drug. Doctors can diagnose and find the best treatment to prevent and treat the pain you feel.

The spine consists of 33 vertebrae, discs, spinal nerves, and nerve fibers. The spine is also supported by three types of muscles namely extensors (back muscles and gluteal muscles), flexors (abdominal muscles and iliopsoas muscles), and oblique or rotators (side muscles).

Spinal pain is common due to trauma or sudden injury or excessive use in the long term. This makes the muscle fibers (ligaments) stretch abnormally so they may cramp, stiffen, twist, or tear. Muscles that stretch due to injury or repetitive use can cause inflammation of the surrounding soft tissue. This inflammation causes the spine to feel pain due to muscle spasms.

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