Various Types of Crane Cars

If your car broke down and the starter is not strong, maybe the problem is in the battery, maybe the car battery is already weak. You should try checking the battery water level if the battery is wet and checking the battery cable. Loose or dirty battery cables can be the cause of the engine, not a strong starter. If it is loose or dirty, you must open and clean it first. If you cannot handle the damage to your car, we recommend using the towing company in Columbus, Ohio . When towing a car, try to keep the speed constant at a certain number, a maximum of 40 km / h, and do not change too extreme. This is to prevent the rope from jerking and breaking and avoid the rope to loose because it will be dangerous for other road users.

Matic cars are different from manual cars. You have to understand more about automatic transmission cars. Because the car automatic transmission system is always associated with the wheels. So, if the wheels turn, then the transmission also rotates, while the transmission system needs oil when working, even though the automatic transmission oil will flow when the engine is running. If you still force yourself to tow automatic car in a dead engine condition, the risk is very large, it can even cause engine damage.

Indeed, a crane car is not only by pulling the car to be towed with a rope tied to the tow truck. There are two kinds of ways to tow cars that exist today. Car Crane Model, the type of crane is the safest crane so far. Therefore, the car to be towed will be lifted onto the tow truck without having to use a rope that is linked to an iron hook that is near the bumper. By using this type of crane, the car to be towed does not need to worry about maintaining speed so it does not collide with the car in front and back. Moreover, car components are not forced to work when towed. This will reduce the risk of damage to other components when towed.

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