The Pizza Restaurant In “Parasite” Is Invaded By Tourists

Parasite shooting locations in South Korea are increasingly visited by tourists after the film bought up the Oscars this year, one of which is a pizza shop whose turnover is said to surge dramatically. The thriller which criticized the gap between the rich and the poor won four Oscars, including the Best Film category. Parasite became the first foreign-language film to win the prestigious category since the Academy Awards were held in 1929. Besides that, if you haven’t watched this movie, we recommend you to watch this movie on viooz.

South Koreans are very happy with the success of the film made by Bong Joon-ho. Local and foreign tourists flocked to the location of the film shooting.

“Sales have doubled,” said Eom Hang-ki, (65) owner of Sky Pizza, a ten-seat restaurant that is the location for filming the Parasite movie south of Seoul. It happens up to the point when the pizza machine has broken due to the huge number of orders. He says that it moves his heart that the movie won an Oscar.

A customer named Go Jin-kyu (37) said visiting a pizza shop made him “proud as a fellow South Korean citizen”. That customer stated that previously he only bought pizza from famous restaurants, but now he visited this restaurant due to the restaurant felt special for him.

The city government has sought to exploit the Parasite phenomenon, by promoting four-film shooting locations on the official Seoul Tourism Agency website.

At Pig Rice Supermarket, west of Seoul, the owner named Kim Kyung-soon said: “I am truly happy and thankful for those who made good films here and made me famous.”

But not all reactions are positive, added Kim, who has run the shop for 35 years.

Currently, there is talk of a shooting location that will be preserved as a tourist attraction. The issue made some residents “worried that their environment would not be redeveloped”.

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