Like Watching Korean Dramas? Here Are Some Benefits That You Can Unknowingly

Watching Korean dramas is considered bad by most people because it becomes a habit that causes a person to become addicted, lazy to move, and anti-social because they are dealing with the device. Especially with the ease of streaming today, such as by using services. But everything will certainly have a bad or good impact depending on how we respond. If the adverse effects are like that, then the good effects of watching Korean dramas are as follows.

1. Easy to Practice Korean
Sometimes learning becomes less fun, especially when studying under pressure. But that does not apply to Korean drama connoisseurs because while studying. They even happily translated from Korean to watch their favourite drama. Even though not watching Korean drama can practice vocabulary so that we understand little by little the meaning of words or sentences that are usually used in Korean dramas.

2. Increase curiosity
Most Korean dramas give a thing or term that is not widely known by others so that the audience will feel curious and find information on the web search. Like the poppies in the Korean drama titled ‘The Last Empress’ which in general the audience also does not know and feel unfamiliar with the flower. It turns out that poppies or opium poppies (Papaver somnivera) are a kind of paper flowers that contain toxins, but not all of them contain opium (opium).

3. Educating various professions
In Korean dramas, it explains in more detail various professions in-depth following reality. For example the types of drugs in medicine, the doctor’s oath which must save a person’s life even though he is a criminal, the duty of the army in defending the country and its role in inter-state diplomacy, articles on criminal and civil law, characteristics of the evidence that is allowed for trial, etc. Such educative things are not much in Indonesian soap operas and even none at all.

4. Knowing political practices in government
For someone who is blind about politics, watching Korean dramas can be a solution to provide knowledge about the workings of playing politics in government and the deliberate mistakes made for the benefit of individuals or certain groups through corrupt practices, deliberate tax avoidance practices, buying and selling positions, etc.

5. See the problem from a different perspective.
South Korea is famous for its high standard of living with everything to be judged perfectly by others. That is what causes the stress level of the Korean population to be very high even to the point of suicide due to ‘trivial’ problems. For those of us who have never suffered psychologically it would be considered ‘trivial’, but if viewed from another perspective states that he suffered greatly, depressed, and his life was destroyed meaningless.