Rules For Proper Toilet Position For The Bathroom

Many homeowners who apply toilets that are integrated with the bathroom. This is because it will be more practical when someone wants to take a shower after defecating. Besides, some houses also add special furniture in the bathroom such as discover more here to store some items needed for bathing or after bathing. Building a toilet in the right position in the bathroom area requires a fairly large room. But what about the bathroom with a limited size?

No matter how small your bathroom size, toilet is a crucial thing that must be present in the bathroom. If your bathroom is small, then you must ensure that the location is right so as not to obstruct your mobilization and movement while in the bathroom. Do not install the toilet too close to the shower sets because it will make your bathing activities useless.

Provisions regarding the correct toilet position according to the International Residential Code (IRS), in putting a toilet, there must be at least an area of ​​21 inches in front of the toilet, regardless of the width or area of ​​the bathroom. The minimum bathroom area in each house is 2.5×2 meters.

Besides, the distance between the center of the toilet and other objects in the bathroom is 15 inches on both sides. When determining the location of toilets in the bathroom, make sure that the presence of the door when opened and closed should not hit the toilet or block it. Very strange if you can not open and close the bathroom door normally because it is blocked by the toilet.

For those of you who have a bathroom that is not too broad, you need to have a compact toilet with a model that is not too big and heavy. Choose a simpler design to save space. You should choose a round toilet, rather than an oval toilet, so you can save more space in the bathroom. Make the activities in your bathroom enjoyable with the correct toilet placement.