4 Easy Steps To Caring For Wood Furniture In The Park

The park is a suitable place to relax and gather with family. Not infrequently, residential owners put furniture made of wood in the park to make it more comfortable. With the help of one man and a brush, you can make furniture in the garden more beautiful with a blend of colors that match.

Wood is a natural product that gives a garden feel to nature. However, wood furniture can be easily damaged, especially if it is in an open place such as a park. Therefore, wooden furniture such as garden chairs, wooden fences, gazebos, and wooden swings require special care to remain durable and durable.

There are 4 easy steps to care for garden furniture to stay durable and long-lasting.

Before cleaning garden furniture, you must first prepare the following materials:
– paintbrush
– sandpaper
– wood oil
– bucket
– wood paint

How to care for wooden garden furniture is as follows.

1. Consider the weather
If it is too hot, you should put wood furniture in a slightly cooler place. Vice versa, do not expose the wooden furniture under rain and cold temperatures. This can make the quality of wood more awake.

2. Clean Wood Furniture
You can start by wiping dust with a brush or a cloth with cleaning liquid or soapy water. If wood furniture is really dirty and moldy, you can clean it using sandpaper.

3. Apply Wood Oil
After the furniture is completely clean, you can start applying wood oil using a brush. Make sure the oil that is smearing the wood must match the type of wood in the garden furniture.
The oil of wood can prevent the decay of wood due to termites and maintain the quality of wood remains durable.

4. Apply Wood Paint
So that wood furniture looks like new, you can repaint it. You can also combine several colors of paint according to your wishes to give your garden a different feel. However, make sure the spread of wood oil is dry before applying wood paint.

With this treatment, wooden furniture in your garden can remain durable for years. However, make sure you keep maintaining and caring for furniture in your garden at least once every six months.