Mouse Traps That You May Consider Because Of Their Great Function

There are plenty of humane mouse traps that you may want to consider. One in particular, the “Smart Mouse Trap,” is shaped like a little green house and can detect when a mouse or other rodent has entered. Once inside, the door snaps shut, trapping the critter and allowing it to eat the treat you set as bait. Then, when you’re ready to set it free, the delayed release design ensures that you won’t come in contact with your furry intruder.

When using these humane mouse traps, make sure you remember to check them often so you don’t accidentally starve them inside the compartment. Some are clear so you can easily see if any have been caught, but others make it a little more difficult to determine if one is inside. Place them in kitchens and bathrooms and check them first thing in the morning. Since they are typically nocturnal creatures, they will usually venture out and become trapped overnight.

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