Enjoyable Features In Whatsapp

The main reason why so many people download and install the Gb WhatsApp from gb-plus-official.com is to present all the new features that you can enjoy. There are too many features to list here in one go, but we will share with you the main features that we believe you will like. First is the DND mode. DND mode refers to the “Do Not Disturb” mode, which is in the Gb WhatsApp app. If you want to use the internet and access WhatsApp and your device without being known online and use the blue check application, this mode can hide your usage.

Along with the above considerations, install Gb WhatsApp and you can enjoy full control over your privacy options. This means controlling manually whether you allow your device to tell others what you are doing too and whether you are online. Some compatible privacy settings include your online status, all microphone settings, your recording status, your typing status, and schedule a message.

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