Cables Are Safer From Hackers

The use of cables in network systems is safer from hacker attacks. The cable referred to here is a cable that serves to connect the computer to the network (UTP cable) and a cable that serves to connect other devices to your computer. Unfortunately, most people prefer wireless like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi over cable because it is simpler. Although it is more simple, it turns out this wireless has many weaknesses, especially in its security. All devices that use wireless connections have gaps (weaknesses) that allow people to see the data transferred and even access the device. Some hackers might also want to damage your computer system after they stole your data. When it happens, you need to bring your PC to Computer Repair Memphis.

One example of an insecure wireless connection is Wi-Fi. Who doesn’t know Wi-Fi these days? In fact, almost everyone uses it. Especially if the Wi-Fi is not passworded, it would have been invaded by many people. But don’t be too happy if there is free Wi-Fi, instead, you have to worry because hackers usually use Wi-Fi like that to find prey. Or even free Wi-Fi is only a trick from the owner of Wi-Fi to get some important information such as passwords from users of the free Wi-Fi.

Not only Wi-Fi, mouse, and keyboard that uses Bluetooth or radio waves can be taken over by someone else. So my advice, just uses the cable for mouse or internet, don’t use Wi-Fi outside, just use trusted Wi-Fi such as your friend’s or school that has a password, or use tethering using mobile data handphone.

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