One of the strengths of the first film is how the drama presented by the film is so powerful. Plus, theatrical horror that will make people turn away from clowns who are actually funny and adorable. You can go to that site to see these movie.

As we have mentioned before, theatrical acts of Pennywise which theatrically do not bite in this film. The focus of this film is based more on how to explore the origins of Pennywise and how to finish him.

Even so, some of the theatrical action is still felt strong in some parts of the character excavation. For one horror-mystery film, It Chapter Two was able to develop properly.

This time the audience will be led to fantasy horror. Horror fantasies caused by past trauma from Mike, Eddie, Beverly, Bill, Richie, Ben, and Stanley. Fantasy elements that still maintain focus and a touch of horror that is of quality since the first film. Elements of fantasy that can not be denied that Pennywise is really terrible.

Comedy. This film shows how the touch of horror-mystery and comedy can go hand in hand, and smooth. In accordance with their characters who are still small and have never changed when they are adults.

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