When someone experiences a possession that was previously influenced by stress conditions such as sadness, disappointment, past trauma, or certain problems, this is called pathological possession. Additionally, if you suffer from a severe case of possession or curse, we recommend you try reiki toronto.

In psychology, in some individuals with personalities who are covered by stress phenomena are often buried and not expressed properly. This stress phenomenon is buried and stored in the subconscious of the human brain. Not forgotten, but this stress phenomenon will appear at certain times that are felt appropriate and become the “limit of patience” of the individual.

Usually, in pathological possession, when the person is possessed, it will express things that cannot be expressed in a conscious state. In some people, this possession is like when we express all feelings by crying or telling stories to trusted people. However, in individuals who have a closed personality, possessed as the most effective technique for expressing what is felt because he thinks that when he tells the problem in a conscious condition (not experiencing possession) will have a negative impact on him. So, not all possessed can blame the ghosts as the main cause, but it can happen because of yourself too.

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